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***HEALTH NUGGET!!  "The main source of energy for all body work is food..."    
Williams' Basic Nutrition & Diet Therapy 12th Edition, Staci Nix

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About Marlon: As an athlete I set my goals high and my expectations to work with tremendous effort and enthusiasm even higher. Outside of fitness and work, I am laid back and easy going. I like hiking, camping, going to the movies, cooking, playing chess, amusement parks, and reading.     
                                                                                    Marlon's Basketball Bio
  • Degree(s): B.A., Sociology (December 2003)
  • Certification(s): Fitness Professional, NASM-PES (August 2004)
  • Mission Statement: To help people improve their quality of life through health and fitness. 
  • Strength Training Philosophy: Is important if done the right way. A lot of people strength train in an isolated unilateral way, on machines with limited range of motion. In order to get maximum results with strength training and preventing injury, I believe in functional, multi-plane, integrated strength training. This means strengthening your body in the way you actually use your body, with varying degrees of support, positions, and exercises. 
  • Cardiovascular Philosophy: Is just as important as strength training. Not only is it vital to reducing unwanted body fat, it is needed to build and sustain a strong and healthy heart. VO2 Max (which is the maximum volume of oxygen used while exercising at your peak) can also be increased. 

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