SB MB Form Shooting. Click for Basketball Drills of Skill video. Mission:
 Cultivate BASKETBALL MASTERS through a progressive basketball training curriculum and utilizing a system of innovative training techniques that perfect athletic performance.

At age age 12, Marlon Hughes had a vision of Michael Jordan playing basketball  and saw, not a game, but...an art form.  In 2004, while working as a Fitness Professional at Rally Sport Health & Fitness Club, and as a former Division 1 basketball player, he started MIX Basketball. A basic basketball program, in a 1-on-1 setting, teaching the fundamentals of the game to young kids who liked basketball. Ten Years later, it's  evolved into something of a Performing Art Schools.  

Courtwork. Click to see Basketball Drills of Skill video for Conditioning & Ballhandling.The School of Performing Arts was created for talented youth with a passion and love for an art form (dance, music, acting) to turn their potential into greatness.  These students are a cut above the rest because outside of their talent, they must show commitment, consistency, determination, and dedication for a extended period of time throughout their lives to perfect their craft. On founding MIX Performance, Marlon says, "Basketball coaches have great on-court workouts to improve basketball skill.  Strength and conditioning coaches have created numerous sports specific workout plans to improve athletic performance. However, there are very few instructors who can properly combine these two areas with nutrition, corrective work and effective ways to recover after intense training. With my competitive basketball background and my knowledge as a Fitness Pro, I have spent 10 years creating that perfect mix."  The MIX Performance Basketball Academy(MPBA) was founded with the basketball artist in mind.       
                                                                 Janelle Hughes- U of I Women's Basketball, 2002-2006
Marlon's sister Janelle played in the Big 10 and used an earlier version of MPBA in her training. Click for full bio. 
MPBA Details:         
  • Courtwork Sessions will emphasize mastering ball handlingshooting, passing, and 1-on-1 skills.       
  • Bodywork Sessions will be about increasing the athletes Kinetic Chain strength, Functional flexibility & Mental athleticism.
  • All sessions stress repetition in order for athletes to make enormous strides in a short period of time, while targeting continued long-term improvement.  

What is your story....
  • 10 year old about to try-out for your first basketball team?
  • High school freshman wanting to play varsity basketball?
  • Want the skills to play Division I college basketball?
  • Dreaming of playing in the NBA?
If you can make the commitment, MPBA will help you reach your basketball goals!

Landon Taliaferro- Text Message 
Landon Taliaferro, M.I.X. Basketball Client- Jr. G, Boulder H.S. Varsity Basketball. Click for Basketball Drills of Skill video.LT: I beat a nationally ranked player in one on one today
Me: Are you surprised?!
LT: Kinda I didn't know I could do the stuff I did haha
Me: That is why we do what we do!  Hard work always shows up on the court:)
LT: Haha yeah it does work pretty well

Alex Beal- Email 

M.I.X. Basketball Client. Click for Basketball Drills of Skill video."Hey Marlon, 
Thanks.....! I have seen great improvement in my game in just 4 sessions. I am actually more interested in more basketball workouts."

John D. Pavelich, R.PH. (Inactive)
Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Regional Sales Director (Retired)
Louisville, CO 
John Pavelich, M.I.X. Fitness Client
"I met Marlon in late 2007 during a pick-up basketball game at the recreation center of the University of Colorado. I was quickly impressed by the way Marlon deported himself that day. Marlon, being the best player in the gym, was the target of many "cheap-shots" and unsportsmanlike actions by those playing against him. The play that stands out involved my 17 year old daughter. Marlon had the ball on a three on one fast break and easily could have scored himself. Instead he bounce passed the ball to my daughter and told her to "shoot it"!  I thought to myself "this must be a pretty good guy" and a natural coach.
     Over the past six years my initial impression of Marlon has proven to be accurate. I came to learn that he is an outstanding personal trainer as well as a great basketball skills coach. Over the years I have had three personal trainers. Marlon has been the best of the three. What has impressed me the most has been Marlon's ability to tailor workouts to the needs of his clients. I can say this because Marlon has also worked out with and helped train my 6'8'' son who played high school basketball. Both of us have benefited significantly from our workouts with Marlon. I have also been impressed with Marlon's depth of knowledge as it relates to personal training and overall fitness. He routinely shares with me “little pearls" of knowledge relating to my fitness and training goals.
     In closing I offer the strongest recommendation possible of Marlon Hughes as your personal trainer. You will truly benefit when you add a Marlon to your team!"
John P.

Daniel McKinnon
Daniel McKinnon, M.I.X. Basketball Client-24 year old novice. Click for Basketball Drills of Skill video for beginners.

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